Protein Slushie
Aug 31, 2022
Any fan of summer and that gorgeous gleaming sun knows, summer is complete without a nice ice cold drink. This slushie recipe not only delivers just that. It also comes packed with protein, win, win.
Dynamic Berry Smoothie Cocktail
Aug 31, 2022
Everyone loves a good autumn berry smoothie. For this recipe we have added the use of raspberry flavoured Whey Dynamic Protein.
Bulking Crispie Treats
Aug 31, 2022
This high carb rice crispy treat is perfect if your bulking and trying to get those high cals in. These can also be made as a dieting treat by replacing the True Gainer with the MuscleNH2 Lean Whey XP.
Protein Cinnamon Rolls
Aug 31, 2022
Looking for a protein based dessert or snack, these cinnamon swirls are the perfect choice especially for the autumn period.
Protein Cookies
Aug 30, 2022
Give our protein cookie recipe a go, add a twist by choosing a different flavour protein such as coconut, chocolate mint and even raspberry and white chocolate.