The Cookies Policy

The Details
To provide you with the best site experience, to analyse site traffic, and for advertising purposes, we use cookies.

Cookies: what are they?
When a user opens a browser, a small text file is downloaded to their computer or mobile device. They are used to track how a user interacts with a website. Session cookies are created temporarily and deleted when the user leaves a website. As well as persistent cookies (known as session cookies), other cookies allow the website to recognize the device of the user on subsequent visits.

Cookies are used to perform many different roles. They can improve the user experience by helping users navigate between pages efficiently, remembering their preferences, and managing log-ins, for example. They can also help to ensure that adverts displayed online are more relevant to users and their interests.
Cookies themselves do not provide any personally identifiable information, as they contain very little information and can't be used to identify individuals.