About Whey Bio 100

About Whey Bio 100

Whey protein just got better!

Packed with protein and no nasty’s. Free from GMOs, Soy and Gluten.


Whey bio 100 is Crafted with 'Whey Protein Isolate and 'Whey Protein Concentrate' for a clean, smooth, creamy finish every time.

Enhanced with biotics to help release any bad bacteria from within the body and keep your gut healthy. Ensuring adequate nutrient absorption and aiding immune system strengthening.

Whey Protein Isolate aims to fuel your positive nitrogen balance within 70 minutes, with a second wave of positive nitrogen from Whey Protein Concentrate 2-3 hours after, which gives you a longer sustained release of positive nitrogen to the bloodstream to support muscular growth and muscular stress recovery.

This is an ideal protein supplement for vegetarians and people looking for a clean protein shake with added biotics to aid gut health and support muscle development.


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