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CNS Pre-Workout Pack


Energy Boost

Pre-workout supplements containing Caffeine Anhydrous can provide a significant energy boost, enhancing alertness and reducing fatigue during workouts. Additionally, L-Taurine helps improve exercise performance by increasing cellular energy production.

Enhanced Focus

L-Theanine, found in pre-workout supplements, works synergistically with caffeine to promote focus and concentration. This combination can enhance cognitive function and mental clarity during workouts, allowing for better mind-muscle connection.

Improved Endurance

Beta-Alanine supplementation can increase muscle carnosine levels, buffering lactic acid accumulation during exercise. This delays muscle fatigue, enabling athletes to push harder and prolong exercise duration. Additionally, L-Citrulline enhances nitric oxide production, promoting vasodilation and improving blood flow to working muscles, further enhancing endurance.

Shred Support

Pre-workout supplements containing ingredients like Bitter Orange and Theobromine may aid in weight loss by boosting metabolism and promoting fat oxidation. Moreover, Vitamin B3 supports energy metabolism and helps convert food into usable energy, aiding in weight management.